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  1. Jay Brando

    I need to set the record straight.

    it wasn't aod general kenobi, it was me who did that, sorry arthas
  2. Jay Brando

    Not a bug Unable to join EU Legends server since the last big patch

    I just get stuck on the loading screen at some point no matter how long I wait. It only happens with this server or Legends servers, I have only tried this server and the open/duel servers this week.
  3. Jay Brando

    Jedi force abilities

    would be cool af if pull worked on nades to just let them fly over your shoulder and maybe into your team maybe not but you can keep advancing on a gunner if they nade themselves and you dont have push also with the gun buffs why not just leave the fp drains/knockback as they are (theyre...
  4. Jay Brando

    Why is there no option for purple text yet???????

    seeing as there's other retarded tertiary colours like pink, grey, and black that are options to change your text colour to, i really wish there was purple too. it can't be too hard to make it so ^- or ^= or something turns text purple because there isn't any more space for the classic...