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  1. [TG]trap

    Knockdown from force powers should be halved

    The time it takes to get up from a knockdown from force powers should be halved. Getting pushed from across the map and then watching them slowly walk over to stab me once is obnoxious and not fun. Force push should be for pushing people away mainly and force pull should be used as a disarm or...
  2. [TG]trap

    Remove PB and disarm and make the disarm the PB

    Perfect blocking should take more skill, and the disarm mechanic is cheesy and boring. To further the skill in playing a saber class the current disarm mechanic of blocking the the direction of the swing and making the correct movements should just be a normal PB, and PB should no longer happen...
  3. [TG]trap

    Suggestion: Speed is universal

    It's a neutral ability in the star wars universe, and would give sith utility to stop running jedi. Give jedi another ability like force protection which would be a light side power.
  4. [TG]trap

    jedi and sith are op in open now

    The knockback system is terrible. Flinch was far superior and prevented a single jedi from force speeding directly into a blob of enemies and spamming with his duals guaranteeing they got at least 1 kill since all saber attacks just happen now. Ever since this change jedi and sith went from...
  5. [TG]trap

    Unconfirmed deka shield while rolling

    It is a bug i see people do where they do some black magic and they able to keep shield up while rolling around
  6. [TG]trap

    Mind trick needs a specific buff

    There's a reason why this force power is so rare. It's because it is terrible, when it could be so much more with one simple fix. Mindtrick makes you invisible to anyone susceptible to it, and could be a great way to play a sneaky jedi, but unfortunately it has a mechanic that does the exact...
  7. [TG]trap

    Force block should block force sense

    To me it makes no sense why the level of force block attained wouldn't block force sense of the same level, like force block 3 blocks all force sense, or force block 2 blocks force sense 1 and 2 but not 3. Force sense in my opinion should just be completely removed from the game as its an unfun...
  8. [TG]trap

    Mandalorian EE3 unusable

    The ee3 is outclassed in every possible way compared to all other fast shooting guns. Slow rate of fire, extremely inaccurate and low dmg. The sniper mode is abysmal as it can't even one shot a jedi but takes up an entire clip of ammo while the arc rifle sniper mode takes up very little ammo...
  9. [TG]trap

    CLAN We are Temple Guard [TG]

    Honor, Tradition and dabbing. These are the core values that represent our clan. A group where our autistic tendencies give us an edge on the battlefield, our tactics unconventional and unpredictable, we are unchallenged when it comes to raw skill and power. Many consider us to be a threat, and...
  10. [TG]trap

    force rtv

    I and many others are tired of playing the same 2 boring maps(deathstar and pandemonium) and believe it would be beneficial for the health of MBII if forced rtv was instituted on all servers to allow a more diverse range of playstyles and to allow other maps to have a chance of getting more...
  11. [TG]trap

    Hosting Server How to edit classes for server?

    Is it possible to edit classes for server? I want to un nerf bounty hunter and other things to balance game
  12. [TG]trap

    [SOLVED] can someone help teach how host a server

    I would like to host a server for MB2 as open using current map pool. I want to use a server on west coast I know to do that I have to buy private server from company but idk how to do that then I need help setting up the server to work with mb2 and jamp with all the smod commands and make the...
  13. [TG]trap

    Hero is broken

    Hero is vastly superior to any other gunner class in the game with the ability to heal, dodge, and throw alt grenades with p3 pistol that one shots anything with less than 100 armor. They are uncontestable in a 1v1 as they have the ability to just dodge all blast bolts coming in their direction...
  14. [TG]trap

    Bounty Hunter needs buff

    Ever since they nerfed bounty hunter poison dart they are now useless at fighting jedi. Now the best unit for dealing with jedi is mandolorian with flamethrower which is useless if the jedi has speed, and with the recent jedi and sith buffs making guns do less fp damage they essentially have...
  15. [TG]trap


    Scripting is a real problem. Most people assume that most scripters are jedi/sith, but that's wrong, most of them are gunners using some kind of snapping or time script to give them an advantage under some random alias I have never seen in all my years of playing but then obtaining kills left...
  16. [TG]trap

    ARC rockets suck

    As the title says, the ARC rockets are literal trash. While mandos have the luxury of flying into a position where a rocket might actually be useful due to the surprise effect, you might as well just announce to the entire server that and ARC is shooting a rocket, as it takes ages, makes a sound...
  17. [TG]trap

    Force choke is useless

    Force choke continues to be a meme skill and nothing more. It is virtually useless in open as if there is even 1 other opponent in the area you simply just die upon force choking someone else, and not to mention that its impossible to even get a choke off on a gunner with decent aim or a jedi...
  18. [TG]trap

    Can I post file here?

    I created a nude palpatine skin am I allow post it here or will I get ban?
  19. [TG]trap

    Dueling Sucks

    As an avid dueler myself, who has been playing for about ~4 years, I believe I have a say in the mechanics of what is probably considered the main attraction for this mod. Now with that said, I would like to start the discussion on why I believe dueling in its current state is boring and...
  20. [TG]trap

    Force Sense OP

    Force sense has been the bane of my existence ever since I started playing MB2. Having the ability to press a button and obtain free wall hacks is unfun. It ruins any chance at strategic flanking maneuvers or intelligently, elaborately crafted traps. Instead some jedi or sith uses force sense...