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  1. Hazen19

    Why is this game so dead?

    its a ghost town now
  2. Hazen19

    Launcher Open JK multiplayer stopped working

    Hi, i'm having this problem for 2/3 months now i posted my problem in Bug Tracker What happens is that my game freezes when I enter a server and I'm about to play i have the error of "Jedi Academy/OpenJK multiplayer stopped working" I have uninstalled and installed the game several times but...
  3. Hazen19

    Jedi Academy Multiplayer Stopped Working

    I have this error for a month Every time when I enter a server my game freezes and I get the error of "Jedi Academy Multiplayer Has Stopped Working" Nothing has worked so far I have uninstalled the game and the launcher several times and I still have the same problem 2 days ago I was able to...
  4. Hazen19

    Some [tR] guys tking me in his server

    My nickname: Kakaman23 Server: [tR] Time: This happend like 1 week ago about 4-5 p.m. Description: It all started when the Hondurian George Clooney killed me for no reason when the game started. He was a Wookie. I thought he was trolling and I did not give much importance but the next round...
  5. Hazen19

    Wookie Jedi and Anakin Clone Wars armor

    I would like to get these 2 skins Does anyone know how I can get them?