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  1. Defiant

    Moviebattles II Hotfix Released

    V1.7.2.1 Update General Fix: Fixed an infinite rocket ammunition exploit on ARC Troopers Fix: The correct skeleton will now be used for all FA Character Models. Fix: Unintended knockdowns and staggers have been removed. Fix: Yavin Assult Mine Monsters now play the correct sound effects...
  2. Defiant

    Moviebattles II V1.7.2 Released

    V1.7.2 Update General Change: Normalize round start timer to 10 seconds across all game modes. Change: g_competitive option to block friendly player indicators only works if the server is passworded. Change: Further optimization of gamestate usage for maps with dynamic lighting or many...
  3. Defiant

    MovieBattles II V1.7.1.1 Released

    V1.7.1.1 Update General Fix: Further fixes to prevent Game Stats causing a server crash on Linux hosts at the start of a new round Fix: Fixed an exploit which could cause clients to crash when invalid data was presented to them. Gameplay Change: Slightly increased Bowcaster running accuracy...
  4. Defiant

    MovieBattles II V1.7.1 Released

    Added this missing patch note.
  5. Defiant

    Fixed Extended colors broken for in-game names

    With the cvar to allow them enabled?
  6. Defiant

    Confirmed Constant crashing since 1.7.1

    Working on it.
  7. Defiant

    MovieBattles II V1.7.1 Released

    V1.7.1 Update General Shuffle Fix: Added sanity checks to help with player counts for each team being even for players being shuffled. Fix: YT-1300/Falcon model missing files. Fix: SBD animations not properly showing after a /vid_restart. Fix: Default SBD not properly being used for hit...
  8. Defiant

    Technical Issue Admin

    Launcher requires Administrative privileges for anti-cheat purposes.
  9. Defiant

    Technical Issue Cant stay in MBII server

    Try running reset_mbii_launcher.bat in your gamedata directory
  10. Defiant

    Hosting Server Quick, Easy Simple, MBII Docker Servers

    You will need to use the MBII Command Line patcher for this from the downloads page. I am happy for you to distribute it as part of your image
  11. Defiant

    Launcher Microsoft .NET Framework Error - Help

    Thats a new one. Can you try closing launcher, deleting the folder at C:\<Your Username>\AppData\Local\Movie_Battles_Team\ and then reloading launcher
  12. Defiant

    Fixed Game is leaking handles

    Nah- it's ok. I can see the bug in code, not sure why it doesnt seem to be affecting anyone else at the moment, it should be fixed in the next release.
  13. Defiant

    Fixed Game is leaking handles

    Not sure why we cant reproduce this - but it should be fixed in the next update.
  14. Defiant

    Fixed Game is leaking handles

    What happens when you play on an anti-cheat enabled server?
  15. Defiant

    Fixed Game is leaking handles

    Is your launcher up to date?
  16. Defiant

    Fixed Game is leaking handles

    We have been unable to duplicate this at all. You have three times as many handles on the Main Menu as you should have when in game. Please can you ensure you are not running a custom OpenJK build, nothing is hooking into the MBII process for any reason (Other than the required launcher) - this...
  17. Defiant

    Technical Issue Game Crashes - Upon joining a new server or after a couple matches.

    There is a section on this error in this thread: Windows technical FAQ/troubleshooting guide
  18. Defiant

    New UI Sucks

    I know. I'm sorry i haven't quite got the telepathy code working yet. When its done the game should read your mind and pick the right model when you chose a class.
  19. Defiant

    Dryden's Saber Pack - V2

    I have removed the link until such a time as you have Doughnut's permission or the offending assets are removed.