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  1. [TG]trap

    Suggestion: Speed is universal

    It's a neutral ability in the star wars universe, and would give sith utility to stop running jedi. Give jedi another ability like force protection which would be a light side power.
  2. [TG]trap

    Removable in-game build templates.

    Yeah honestly this was really cancer and made me avoid the template buttons entirely
  3. [TG]trap

    jedi and sith are op in open now

    primary fire is more accurate and only useful at long ranges otherwise the fire rate is to slow to push back any saberist far enough before he insta kills you by pressing a single button if you land the shots
  4. [TG]trap

    jedi and sith are op in open now

    The knockback system is terrible. Flinch was far superior and prevented a single jedi from force speeding directly into a blob of enemies and spamming with his duals guaranteeing they got at least 1 kill since all saber attacks just happen now. Ever since this change jedi and sith went from...
  5. [TG]trap

    Mind trick needs a specific buff

    force push isnt overpowered all the other force powers are just trash except sense but i dont consider it a force power its just wall hack button
  6. [TG]trap

    Unconfirmed deka shield while rolling

    It is a bug i see people do where they do some black magic and they able to keep shield up while rolling around
  7. [TG]trap

    Mind trick needs a specific buff

    dont worry its mostly just aod, they are toxic clan that are sponsored by devs i just ignore them like a real man gamer
  8. [TG]trap

    Launcher need help

    have you tried restarting your computer?
  9. [TG]trap

    Mind trick needs a specific buff

    There's a reason why this force power is so rare. It's because it is terrible, when it could be so much more with one simple fix. Mindtrick makes you invisible to anyone susceptible to it, and could be a great way to play a sneaky jedi, but unfortunately it has a mechanic that does the exact...
  10. [TG]trap

    Force block should block force sense

    To me it makes no sense why the level of force block attained wouldn't block force sense of the same level, like force block 3 blocks all force sense, or force block 2 blocks force sense 1 and 2 but not 3. Force sense in my opinion should just be completely removed from the game as its an unfun...
  11. [TG]trap

    Mandalorian EE3 unusable

    @mb2 forum admin : I would loike to report abusive boy insulting my post pls ban @linikya
  12. [TG]trap

    Mandalorian EE3 unusable

    The ee3 is outclassed in every possible way compared to all other fast shooting guns. Slow rate of fire, extremely inaccurate and low dmg. The sniper mode is abysmal as it can't even one shot a jedi but takes up an entire clip of ammo while the arc rifle sniper mode takes up very little ammo...
  13. [TG]trap

    [SOLVED] My friends cannot connect to the server I made

    have you tried restarting your computer?
  14. [TG]trap

    CLAN We are Temple Guard [TG]

    Honor, Tradition and dabbing. These are the core values that represent our clan. A group where our autistic tendencies give us an edge on the battlefield, our tactics unconventional and unpredictable, we are unchallenged when it comes to raw skill and power. Many consider us to be a threat, and...
  15. [TG]trap

    Played in EU, encountered another Script Kitty 😺

    no one wants to duel an aod hacker
  16. [TG]trap

    force rtv

    whoever made the lego star wars map had a spark of brilliancy when he created it and it is a shame that so few people have had the chance to play that map and I believe that many peoples opinion would change if they only tried it out
  17. [TG]trap

    Played in EU, encountered another Script Kitty 😺

    eu cant compare to the infamous clan that is literally based around using scripts to troll and depop other servers known as aod. what you guys have is some isolated cases of single players occasionally using a primitive script.
  18. [TG]trap

    New to the Forums, not necessarily new to the game!

    that profile picture is trademarked by the TG clan and you have not paid your fees
  19. [TG]trap

    force rtv

    whats dotf mean