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  1. mrbekirr

    Any Deflect Masters from the past 15 years?

    Deflect is not enough to kill a decent gunner because you run out of fp most of the time, but it's possible to deflect all the blasters as headshots right? Were there any deflect masters? I really want to try headshotting with deflects yet i don't even hs with guns yet. Yeet
  2. mrbekirr

    Add 2 more Ahsoka skins!!

    Please devs! Add season 7 and rebels Ahsoka to the base game
  3. mrbekirr

    Template improvement request

    When you join a server, you choose template, skin (and hilt if you care about it) one by one. Is there a way to save skin and hilt to the template? I dont want to choose them. Let players save the skin and the hilt to the template they created!! I mean, imagine selecting one template by one...
  4. mrbekirr

    Hello there! Imma be the best Red user ever in mb2 history!

    And i refuse to learn yellow.