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  1. mrbekirr

    TheRanger1245's Mb2 tutorial series

    this is pretty good mate. nicely done
  2. mrbekirr

    Any Deflect Masters from the past 15 years?

    Deflect is not enough to kill a decent gunner because you run out of fp most of the time, but it's possible to deflect all the blasters as headshots right? Were there any deflect masters? I really want to try headshotting with deflects yet i don't even hs with guns yet. Yeet
  3. mrbekirr

    Technical Issue Game opens but when I enter a map the game keeps crashing and i keep getting this error message

    movie duels and movie battles 2 are not the same thing. if you are trying to play movie duels, i dont know the answer to it. but If you want to play "movie battles 2" then maybe you should reinstall it to a clean jedi academy.
  4. mrbekirr

    [VIDEO] Advanced Dueling Tips & Techniques for Beginners & More

    it's just another level of mouse+keyboard control. Nicely done...
  5. mrbekirr

    How important is YAWING?

    dude its not 'spamming' that you are experiencing in your open plays as jedivsith. There is a mechanic called 'Interrupting'. That is your problem. Learn what it is in dueling servers, learn how to use it and how to avoid getting interrupted. Basicly, think u started a swing. But your enemy...
  6. mrbekirr

    MovieBattles II V1.7.1 Released

    Jedi and siths are support classes in the essance.. So 1.7.1 will punish tryhard forcesensitives and force us to get better or do team-work. It's good accually
  7. mrbekirr

    MovieBattles II V1.7.1 Released

    Sanity checks? Sounds cool but i dont get what it is properly
  8. mrbekirr

    Epic,funny and fail moments at Star Wars Movie Battles 2(chapter 5)

    This is so good, big fan of the twich guy! What are your binds?
  9. mrbekirr

    Lunar Base: So uncivilized

    Nicely done
  10. mrbekirr

    Add 2 more Ahsoka skins!!

    Please devs! Add season 7 and rebels Ahsoka to the base game
  11. mrbekirr

    Why don't we have a deathmatch game mode?

    Have you ever got lamed in tin duel? That's what you are going to get in a deathmach server.
  12. mrbekirr

    what type of mb2 player are you?

    Raging 7/24
  13. mrbekirr


    Raging tryhards, loved it
  14. mrbekirr

    MB2 - 1.4.9 Duels Revisited

    I cant feel the diffirence... Only thing i noticed is red stun.
  15. mrbekirr

    Template improvement request

    When you join a server, you choose template, skin (and hilt if you care about it) one by one. Is there a way to save skin and hilt to the template? I dont want to choose them. Let players save the skin and the hilt to the template they created!! I mean, imagine selecting one template by one...
  16. mrbekirr

    MovieBattles II V1.7 Released

  17. mrbekirr


    Jedi/sith is the real supports in this game. If u re not a tryhard
  18. mrbekirr

    The day has come

    : (