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  1. cheese

    that's it! I'm done!

    I just had a horrible experience on one of your servers. I was harassed constantly and called vulgar names. I asked them to stop, but they wouldn't. The admins on the server didn't help and actively ENCOURAGED the behavior. I wanted to give this game a chance, I really, really did. But I won't...
  2. cheese

    [MASTER THREAD] REPORT: Performance issues and increased join / class bugs with 1.6

    Hello gentlemen and devs, Since the release of 1.6, the performance of the game has taken a huge hit. Connecting to servers takes significantly longer as does exiting to main menu. My game often freezes and crashes. Join bugs and class bugs are much more frequent now. I haven't been able to...
  3. cheese

    performance when leaving servers or getting kicked

    I've noticed that when you get kicked, the game freezes for way longer now. please fix. thanks