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  1. Fluffy |>

    Best seasonal hat - let's settle this

    Gimme your ideas for new hats and i will take the best and pressure the devs into adding it
  2. Fluffy |>

    Twitch Streamer press ganged into joining mb2

    Go check atrcheezy out - we raided his stream today when he was playing jka, managed to get him to install mb2 and play for a couple hours. clip clip clip (free local)
  3. Fluffy |>

    Using different FAs on other maps!

    Here is a list of the file names of every FA map team for use in the global FA mode. You will need rcon to initially set it up. Once you do, and can be used to fight any FA team against another, for example dinosuars vs spartans, or matrix characters vs jawas. Example of how to use this (with...
  4. Fluffy |>

    How to green block?

    i dont know what it is but someone told me about it can anyone help
  5. Fluffy |>

    EU OPEN admin application

    I've played 2 years + mainly open play and have 1000 hours+ Age: 20 I am Fluffy |>, from UK, a member of the prestigious Yam clan and boyfriend of [SS7] 'Fives' (no homo). Reason: So I can protect the innocence of our beautiful servers from the foul tking, aimhackng denizens of chaos.
  6. Fluffy |>

    Anyone else having issues with the Padawan & pussy tag team?

    They seem to play 24/7, as such are crazy good, they dominate smaller servers (the type I like to play on), constantly spewing ''kill yourself'' and other threats and insults to everyone, and otherwise immature trolls in every respect.