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    Unconfirmed Invisible fire from fire grenades.

    Had a few occurrences where the fire from an alt-fire fire grenade would go invisible, really fun to watch people run right into it and have no idea what just happened. Seems that it happens when you contact a player with the alt-fire version of the grenade. That's about as much info as I have...
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    Din Djarin (The Mandalorian) Custom Skin for Bounty Hunters

    I ported over Doughnuts Din Djarin model from JKHUB a few weeks ago, a few people in our community asked me for it and now that It's been included in Legends I figured I'd just post it for everyone in open. Go show JKHUBs 'The Mandalorian' contest winner and skin creator Doughnuts some love for...
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    The Australian and New Zealand Community Duel Tournament

    The Australian and New Zealand duelling community held our 3rd major duel tournament a couple of days ago involving many members of our community, involving all skill levels, from brand new to the best of the best. The tournament was streamed live on twitch to by me to the members of our...
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    Helmet View

    I could have sworn that there was a helmet view for a specific bounty hunter. Particularity Boushh. Was it removed? Or am i just remembering wrong? Also, is there any chance on the helmet view (and if possible true view) being updated? I've been enjoying playing with it the past month.
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    Awaiting feedback Crosshair snapping to X and Y axis during gameplay.

    During some sessions of MB2, my crosshair just seems to snap back into the X and Y axis when trying to aim diagonally. Exiting out of MBII completely and re-joining seems to fix it, but i get it during random sessions while playing. In the video below basically whats happening is while i'm...
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    Unconfirmed Disruptor Rifle shots sometimes do no damage?

    Had a couple instances where the disruptor rifle has been doing no damage, have only witnessed it with charged shots so far. Here's some footage of it.
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    Unconfirmed Wookiee still punching after death.

    Video Evidence here. Wookiee Sniped by Disruptor, shortly after death i walk forward into where he died and am punched to death. You can still hear the punching sound effect beating my booty into a sweet droidy pulp.
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    Classic Lunarbase

    Short and sweet. If possible, can we please get classic lunarbase added to the map pool, just like classic dotf?
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    Australian and New Zealand Movie Battles II & Jedi Academy Community

    Yes, it still exists. Too anyone interested or any native players that might be lurking, our community is still around. We are mainly dedicated to the Movie Battles II MOD but do play JKA Base from time to time. You can find us in our Official Community Discord. We also have a Steam Group...
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    Mos Eisley Map

    What happened to the Mos Eisley map that was put out on beta like 4 years ago? It was open to all servers during a patch, it was a really great map to play on. Was it just scrapped altogether? If you guys still have the map file, could you please link it on the forums. I'd like to add it to our...
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    Vanilla Hilts Bugged.

    nevermind the idiot that hosts the australian server has fucked it with his stupid scripts and it has bugged half the shit on it
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    Old Random Replacements

    Over the years there have been many replacements, either for player models, weapons or sounds. Playing this mod going on 10 years I've collected a few going through many old drives. Some no longer work because of the changes to some models and voice commands, but those that do I've hosted and am...