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  1. Iris

    Iris's Archive

    Recently I remembered I had demos of Stassin vs Achilles from 1.5, so I recorded them. Stassin is 100 ping, Achilles 60. Yavin 4 destroyed quality a bit but is still watchable enough. Freeze frames are used when going from one demo to the next because often demos are only seconds apart and this...
  2. Iris

    Unconfirmed Santa Kyle from MBAssets4.pk3 is broken

    Opening his .glm in ModView gives me this error: R_LoadMDXM: numsurfaces = = 14600, max assets is 1000 To test if somehow he would work in game I made him a Sith and pressing his icon immediately closes the game. Edit: Also how does hats_force command work? Typing into console the number 1 or 2...
  3. Iris

    Confirmed Custom model changing to default when pressing loadout after applying it

    If you select custom model, apply it and open loadout again your model changes to default model. To which depends on model's position in custom tab. You can also reset model to default by pressing model button and then builds or hilts. Now return to model tab and you are using default model. If...
  4. Iris

    Technical Issue Duel challenge movement getting stuck

    If I challenge someone and we're dueling and unknowingly I move into another player doing same thing I get stuck. At first I thought something was wrong with my keyboard but second time it happened at the end of the duel and directly behind me there was player in a challenge I was stuck on. Pls...
  5. Iris

    Technical Issue Verdana forum font size

    I've pasted my text from notepad, changed the font to Verdana. Next, I changed the font size to 3. It was smaller than before, so I changed it to 4, but now it was bigger than at the beginning. My question is how do I make it the size before I changed font size?
  6. Iris

    Forum like/dislike system

    Add function to dislike comments and make like and dislike separate counters. Do whatever you want with account counters. Make liking/disliking anonymous so people that agree/disagree have to comment and say what's on their mind if they want others to know their stance. Also, allow not logged in...
  7. Iris

    My way of making MBII good

    Let me start this by talking about the open mode problems, how to fix them and showing you my 70% sabering system. Keep in mind all of this is based on 1.5. I did not play 1.5.1. Some sections might be unnecessarily long. Some of the things may be a complete fantasy. All of this is my opinion...