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  1. Fluffy |>

    Putting Down Legends on my Kill list.

    where's the fun if you dont take the bait sometimes
  2. Fluffy |>

    jedi and sith are op in open now

    Flinch meant instant halfswings off every shot forcing you to have perfect aim at very close range to not die. Knockback is far better paired with the recent buffs to fp drains
  3. Fluffy |>

    Launcher Can't use the +set fs_game "MBII" in my launcher???

    the launcher has some anticheat, which is why most servers force you to play through the launcher
  4. Fluffy |>

    Putting Down Legends on my Kill list.

    not even 3 kills per death, shameful display
  5. Fluffy |>

    [SOLVED] Can't launch MBII, when I launch it it closes. intall this :)
  6. Fluffy |>

    Force block should block force sense

    i think this is the first non-terrible post this guy has ever made, we can probably all agree that sense is pretty dumb in it's current state - there have been plenty of ideas thrown around in various threads including reworks to sense itself, sense resistant classes etc. I dont know if force...
  7. Fluffy |>

    Mandalorian EE3 unusable

    if we wanted to go off lore it shouldnt even be a sniper
  8. Fluffy |>

    Sith and Jedi Way too op! (Mb2 Diss Track)

    the legend is back servers can already set class limits for jedi, but most choose not to
  9. Fluffy |>

    Forgotten Masterpiece

    shush maren
  10. Fluffy |>

    Mandalorian EE3 unusable

    good rant
  11. Fluffy |>

    Game unplayable as soldier with retard tk point system

    just dont shoot your team lol
  12. Fluffy |>

    [SOLVED] Game crashing at awaiting gamestate when trying to load into a server

    is this every server or just one or just a few
  13. Fluffy |>

    Hero is broken

    Who needs skill when I can just press a button to disable a class with an instant force push
  14. Fluffy |>

    Let jedi and sith use grenades they pick up

    Please refer to my initial response
  15. Fluffy |>

    Newbies opinion

    Sense is pretty dumb and there have been a lot of discussions of ways to rework it. It honestly isn't too bad once you know what you're doing - checking corners for ambushing jedi etc. But it can feel cheap to play against