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  1. DraakoorHD

    MB2 Server spawn npcs and dummys without devmap

    Hi, I saw on 2 servers who using npcs and dummys for combo training. Is it possible to spawn them without devmap (enabling cheats). Best Regards, Draakoor
  2. DraakoorHD

    Shenghai's Clone Replacement pack V3

    Grievous Blaster sound is replace by a mando pistole sound on battle of corusant. That's the only thing I found.
  3. DraakoorHD

    ENEMY AC130 ABOVE and MW2 Sniper Sound Replacement

    Elite Solder A280 and bounty hunters dlt20a burst fire mode uses the barret .50 cal
  4. DraakoorHD

    J| Advanced ACM Counter™

    Does not work anymore please update
  5. DraakoorHD

    Shenghai's Clone Replacement pack V3

    Will this be updated?
  6. DraakoorHD

    Launcher Update - 3.0.1

    My launcher keeps always asking me to update the game. The mod is already 1.5 but the launcher keeps asking me to update.
  7. DraakoorHD

    Penekepack V1.8 Replacement mod Gas Peneke Edition is out!

    Also I found this on Death Star Steam Community :: Screenshot
  8. DraakoorHD

    Penekepack V1.8 Replacement mod Gas Peneke Edition is out!

    Also on ultimate_showdown luke as black stuff on his cloths
  9. DraakoorHD

    Penekepack V1.8 Replacement mod Gas Peneke Edition is out!

    Pack breaks models in fa on the 2 new maps
  10. DraakoorHD

    Hosting Server Server is not creating a a logfile

    Hi, there my server is not creating a logfile. I switched from windows to linux (debian 8). I have the following cvars in my server.cfg: seta g_log "mixed.txt" // Filename to record logging information to. ex: "serverlog.txt" If left blank, do not log. seta g_logClientInfo "1" // Logs client...
  11. DraakoorHD

    Hosting Server Fastdownload/HTTP Download

    Hi there, is it possible to use HTTP/Fastdownload server, because I started mapping today and I am using them on my own servers. Link to fastdl: Index of /fastdl/mb2 Server.cfg: seta sv_dl_maxRate "42000" // increase/decerease if you have plenty/little spare bandwidth seta sv_allowDownload "1"...
  12. DraakoorHD

    1.4 Dotf Kyle as Naboo Guard

    Is that normal? Screens: Steam Community :: Screenshot Steam Community :: Screenshot
  13. DraakoorHD

    Hosting Server Com_pushevent overflow

    They are using different ports. Already set in startup parameter
  14. DraakoorHD

    Hosting Server Com_pushevent overflow

    It's the same machine, different folders. Server.cfg // Movie Battles II // Sample Server Config // Server Config: seta sv_hostname "^0[TGF]^1Community-Dojo^3[24/7|RTV|Germany]" // Name of your server seta g_motd "^0Welcome to the TGF-Network\n^1Have...
  15. DraakoorHD

    Hosting Server Com_pushevent overflow

    Hello Guys, My open server is always getting com_pushevent overflow and I cant connect to the server. My duel server runs fine without any problems. Can somebody help me? King Regards, Draakoor
  16. DraakoorHD

    Hosting Server Looking for a tool like Bigbrotherbot

    Hi Guys, I know JKA is based on Q3-Engine so I decided to start developing a parser for JKA/MB2, also I am looing forward for a tool like B3, because I need a automessanger/spambot that spams every 5 mins some information about the server. King Regards, Draakoor
  17. DraakoorHD

    Hosting Server Server cvars for preveting ghosting

    Hi, I am new to MB2, I setup up my server yesterday but I have a problem: Everybody is ghosting and I cant do anything against it. I already did these things: seta g_FullSpecTalkToPlayers 0 seta g_noSpecMove 1 Is that correct? I really need help. King Regards, Draakoor