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  1. Phelps

    Matt, a Radar Technician

    Hey guys, just throwing an idea here. Would any of you be willing to make Sith model of undercover Kylo Ren as Matt, a radar technician? It's just a simple request, if anyone feels up for it. Since I guess I would be the only one so far willing to use it as modification in my MBII, I do not...
  2. Phelps

    They always come back, walking, maybe swimming

    Hello dudes, It's been a while, I guess it's more than a year since I really played MBtoo. Been a bad beta tester then, not really having a time for it, life's a bitch. So now I am once again petty foolish member only. Might drop by in the game sometimes, but I am kinda stuck in WarThunder...