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  1. PrimetheGrime

    Buff Rockets

    That is all. In all seriousness, as a budding Rocketeer, my biggest gripe currently is firing a rocket at anything that isn't an SBD, Wookiee or Deka, and watching them get back up, relatively fine, usually either taking a quarter or half damage, despite how close the rocket touches their tippy...
  2. PrimetheGrime

    Medics in Open mode?

    I've been meaning to make this suggestion ages ago but I never got around to it or worded it correctly. Here goes! Medics have been apart of Fully Authentic for ages and while I was playing a classic game of FA Jedi Temple I wondered: hey, what if Medics were a thing in Open mode? I got me to...
  3. PrimetheGrime


    Love the new forums mates