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  1. Biospill

    tR Deathstar down or am I permabanned?

    Check for yourself, here is the official server browser Movie Battles II Server List
  2. Biospill

    Ground Traffic Control Man

    Pretty sure these guys are included in the peneke pack.
  3. Biospill

    Foba ban?

    no (yes pls help me)
  4. Biospill

    Foba ban?

    I'm sick of being trolled lamed and tked by this guy called foba on the death star TR server. He thinks he is funny but everyone there hates him and he is generally bad at the game, when are the admins of @tr going to take their hands out of his pockets and grow a pair of balls and ban him?
  5. Biospill

    SBD Strategies

    Pretty much what Fang said, SBD is strongly suited as a defensive class. Stick in the back and lay down firepower you want to be behind others laying it down hard because while strong SBD isnt invincible and you can get more down from the back rather then the front lines.
  6. Biospill

    My Final MB2 Rant... Toxic players made me cry.

    If you stopped at 5 the bait would of been perfect.
  7. Biospill

    Scott The Scout's Shitshop

    He's too powerful
  8. Biospill

    Playing force whore be like - MB2 Short Video

    More Bass in the songs you pick next time k thx good vid
  9. Biospill

    CLAN The Jedi Order

    Jedi Order clan has become one with the force 🙏:obi-wan-ep4-hood:🙏
  10. Biospill

    DC-17 Pistol model from clone wars tv series replacement for ARC pistols?

    Sorry for the late reply. First download the pack and while that is going find your GameData folder for Jedi Academy, in there find a folder called "MBII", Now place the .pk3 you just got in there and you're good to go.
  11. Biospill

    DC-17 Pistol model from clone wars tv series replacement for ARC pistols?

    In Shenghai's Replacement Pack there are DC-17s but it well also replaces a few other things and sounds.