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    ct' coruscant temple

  2. noel

    Vote for your favourite recent sabering patch

    Mace has stated it should be fairly easy to revert to a relatively recent iteration of sabering for the time being whilst the new ones are in development. For this reason I present to you the great vote of 2019. Your options, I assume, are as follows: 1.4.5 - ACM Spamfest build. I believe at...
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    when is the new build coming out when is the update coming out when you said the update was coming out how long did you mean when you update the game there will be no instacounters when is it being released when you said it was going to come out soon
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    Mace is actually right about sabering

    I just skimmed through that SeV/Mace thread and found myself actually agreeing that devs have spent too much time on sabering. Over the past two years I've seen a handful of patches get made and a handful of patches get thrown in the bin or used for a short period of time. What's frustrating...
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    openjk ^8 and ^9 - why are they gone??

    i know that they were causing some kind of name duplication thing, was the only fix really to remove them? they're kind of a big miss
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    Y4 Generic Jedi Pack

    Thought I'd release this old version of one of our clan packs. Basically a collection of generic Jedi models which were personal to our members. Feel free to use it to create your own pack/steal models from if you want, as long as you release it publicly. You can find all of the original models...
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    add likes back to off topic area

    reward us for shit posting
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    EU DUEL Noel's application

    In-Game nickname: noel MBII Experience: At a guess, I would say I have around 1000 hours in-game and have played the mod for just under a year now. Age: 18 Description: I'm noel, I've made a comprehensive dueling guide and currently own a dueling clan called the Yavin-4 Academy. I've spent...
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    Hosting Server Disabling TK on FA

    Hi, We're trying to make an FA gamemode for Y4 but we can't duel eachother because of TK points constantly putting us in spec whenever we kill someone. Is there a way to disable that? Thx
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    Chat range mod

    I had this idea a while ago and it would potentially open up a lot of cool RP shit in the mod. I know a lot of the dev's don't really see a place for RP as it isn't the intention of the mod, but it wouldn't stop people playing seriously and has the chance to widen the community quite some (look...
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    Model Icons/Replacing model variants

    Could someone explain how to make model icons? I have already got the .psd for the background, but is there an easy way to cut around the model? Some of the icons have cool poses and shit too, how do you do that? Also how do you replace .skin variants of a model? For example, there are 3 Rey...
  12. noel

    Your 5 changes to sabering

    If you could make 5 changes to sabering what would they be and why? Here are mine: 1. Bring styles closer together in speed. Make red a bit faster. Purple is probably fine because of yaw. Yellow is fine. Cyan is probably borderline okay too. Blue a bit slower. 2. Make running less OP. Flat...
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    local chat/chat ranges

    JEDI Comport » View topic - Change log So i was looking at this RP mod and about 3/4 down the page there's something which says: [NEW] Chat ranges! fully customizable on the Client side with Cvar rpc_chatRange_* Which from what I can guess allows for some type of garry's mod/SAMP type of chat...
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    Making map mb2 compatible

    I want to edit this map Massassi Temple - JKHub to work with MB2. what changes would I need to make to it in order to get it to work?
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    Yavin-4 Academy

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    /model command

    If you've tried to set your model ingame before with /model, you'll know that it says the command is disabled. Having the /model command made available to people with Smod, or perhaps as a toggleable feature in the server configuration would open a far greater number of models, and I can see...
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    more generic jedi models for duel

    I know probably a lot of people complain already about jedi models but i'd like to suggest some new ones. People in general really like jedi models with the original jedi robes shown in episodes 1-3. There's a good amount of models with jedi robes now but a lot of them don't get chosen for a...
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    Model's capes bugged

    Noticed that some models are broken and causing huge graphic errors. The two I've noticed so far are the old ben kenobi model with robes and darth revan's heres an example: any more questions just ask and i'll answer
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    Noel's Dueling Guide [Up to date]

    Contents (Ctrl+F for each section): Creating a class and saber styles. Blocking points, Force points and HUD. Blocking and basic movement. Attacking, damage, interrupts and combos. Slapping/kicking. Swing blocking. Perfect blocking. Counters. ACM and ACC (Attack Chain Multiplier and Attack...
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    Is there any way to make non-MBII maps work on MBII?

    I've downloaded a series of maps that i'd like to use but when I try to join Jedi or Sith and spawn in, it doesn't work. It says 'Waiting for players' on the screen and that's it. Any ideas on how this can be fixed/if its even possible?