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  1. The Unguided

    Confirmed Bugged sabers in Enclave FA

    I recently noticed that some of the saber hilts are bugged in the following .mbch files: Enc_Dforceuser Enc_Dmarauder Enc_Dorak Enc_Knight Enc_Padawan Enc_SithM Enc_SithP Could have happened due to the last lightsaber hilt redux where most of the hilt files have been renamed.
  2. The Unguided

    Return of the Jedi (or The Unguided?)

    Hi guys! Some of you know me, some of you do not. I have been around for quite a while (like B19) though I have not said "see ya" or anything when I unofficially took a break as life got me. However I got active in MB2 recently, and I plan to do so in near future at best. So I thought it's...
  3. The Unguided

    Technical Issue Extra-Ordinary Lag Spikes

    Windows 7 Wireless Network Connection Steam version of JKA I'm experiencing this issue for a week that is strange in itself since there was no such a problem before. Basically, I have a smooth 30-40 ping then it protrudes to 300+ in every 15-20 seconds. (So the lagometer displays all those big...