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  1. kcaz759

    [SOLVED] Game keeps closing randomly.

    Usually happens on open but, the game would randomly tab out and the game would close. No error report or crash. Happens way to often for me. I'll repair my instalation today, just wondering if this has happened to any of you, or if it is a me problem.
  2. kcaz759

    Encritary's Galactic Battlesreplacement pack: Request

    I would like to see Pilot Luke from ep 5 to be a skin for Luke Skywalker.
  3. kcaz759

    I want to make a script.

    I want to know how to make a script! If I learn how I could create the rainbow saber down the line. I just think it would be fun to learn how to make scripts so I can do stuff like the rainbow saber. Does making a script start with creating a cfg file or do I need access to the code xD?
  4. kcaz759

    Binding *console commands

    My names kcaz if u already didn't know but I was wondering if there is a way to *bind console commands?
  5. kcaz759

    Anyone know me? Has anyone seen me in the servers?

    Sup guys Anyone know me? Also in CB
  6. kcaz759

    US kcaz759 application.

    MBII Experience: About 2 years off and on sometimes laming but overall gud experience. But since January I have been playing seriously learning the the aspects of dueling and open. Age: 15 about to be 16 if that matters... Description: I'm kcaz and my real name is spelled backwards... Ive been...