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  1. Manyo

    A minor variable changed everything - projectile speeds

    I'm not creating this thread necessarily to have another discussion (feel free to do so here - i had enough the last time) or another vote, i'm creating this thread to vent and clear my mind. I recently tried out B17/B16 and it hit me how much i miss slow projectile speeds in MB2's gunplay (i...
  2. Manyo

    The Sniper Dilemma

    Don't know if OP mentions it but maybe some guy already did: another important factor is that there is no risk at all for pop-up sniping, even with disruptor crouching behind cover, other than getting sniped yourself. Otherwise great job OP. I did vote for Disruptor Beam Weapon Replacement even...
  3. Manyo


    Have you taken a dip in Kamino's ocean lately? Your A.I. unit is broken. Kamino is not a logical choice for SBD's. Please consult with the next jawa in your area.
  4. Manyo

    Serath comeback?

    Sure, if you don't like it come back for the next big update in a year or whenever.
  5. Manyo

    Hello There

    Hi There
  6. Manyo


    If only "Am I wrong? If yes, sorry" wasn't already taken as thread title. But after enduring 60% of DS this overreaction is perfectly normal. I'm still recovering from years of Dotf 24/7 myself.
  7. Manyo


    When this is the single premise of this thread you need to replace Smuggler with Deathstar.
  8. Manyo


    While Smuggler is in favour of Imps especially in public, i currently prefer it over other maps because it counters the problems i have with the current game balance. Snipers are not as dominant and playing one myself feels more rewarding. Saberist are currently almost unstoppable for me in 1v1...
  9. Manyo

    A matter of life and death.

    My deepest sympathy for MrStaples829 and anyone close to him. It's important that nobody beats themselves up for not knowing or beeing able to help. It's part of the illness that the person suffering doesn't want you to know or help. All you really can do is try to be positive and nice to...
  10. Manyo

    So lets talk about player retention in this mod...

    I agree with this sarcastic remark. It's disingenuous from Chaos - the master of cynical one-liner shitposts - to passive-aggressively question the effort people put into their contributions. It takes a tremendous amount of work to create posts which incorporate a sincere shitposting intention...
  11. Manyo

    My Introduction

    Welcome and enjoy your stay. Great that young people still get Jedi Academy and find this mod =)
  12. Manyo

    So lets talk about player retention in this mod...

    Can you all please stop joking and derailing this thread? GTA5 has sold over 80 million copies... We can't even get half of that player number in a free mod (as proven by MB2 Server Statistics). This can only be because of lazy and incompetent devs. There is literally no other reason.
  13. Manyo

    DN is BACK!

    thanks, i think iam going to join BG.
  14. Manyo

    DN is BACK!

    is it like ss7 but more skilled?
  15. Manyo

    make wookiees great again

    can we make them bigger?
  16. Manyo

    So lets talk about player retention in this mod...

    you must be one of those no ones
  17. Manyo

    Thinking about joining up

    Hi, no need to think about it, just jump in and try not to drown.
  18. Manyo

    Unban Request

    How do we know you are really vortex and not someone else trying to get vortex unbanned, with a history like that?
  19. Manyo

    Moviebattles II V1.5.2 Released

    Sounds nice.
  20. Manyo

    JAMME Tutorial Video *trigger warning*

    Legal issues to my knowledge. And maybe. edit: probably not.