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  1. Biblical

    A word about Recourse

    I'm afraid an era is about to come to an end. I hereby announce that all recourse related memes will be met with swift justice from the original curators. We do not tolerate this sort of behaviour towards anyone, especially against someone with such a sweet soul as this man: Here is he...
  2. Biblical


    when are you going to update the game when are you going to make the new patch come when is the new patch coming out when is the new patch you said it would be sunday when is the new patch come out i want to not have insta counters when is it coming please you said sunday of 3 weeks ago but...
  3. Biblical

    SOLO characters in Open?

    Hello guys it's me back again with another suggestion. I don't know about you but I personally really enjoyed SOLO: A star wars story and to much disapproval went to see it in the cinema when it was released. I have to say the movie was pleasantly surprising and washed the bad taste of STAR...
  4. Biblical

    Add Yoda to duel mode?

    Had some fun on FA today with my buddies and we decided this would be a good idea on the condition that he had a few tweaks such as: 1. 25% less damage with every style 2. Shift the camera angle to make it easier to Pb with him The customer is always right, make MB2 great again! Notice me...
  5. Biblical

    House's Official Dueling Prospectus [2017] MUST READ!!!

    Hello youngling, I'm House or as most people know me in the MB2 community, the best player or God for short. I have decided to make a guide that will give you all an insight into what it's like to reach true enlightenment in MB2 and how you can become at least 3% as good as me.)) The Basics...