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    Concussion grenades

    What makes conc nades good isnt the knockdown duration, its the ability to decide when they blow up. Secondary frag nades only blow up on contact with any type of surface, and you cant throw them as far as a conc nade, but being able to prime conc nades in your hand can let you throw a grenade...
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    make wookiees great again

    the problem is that caster wook last update was super strong because of a bug, which caused every single shot to drain FP as if they were charged shots. so it drained way more FP than intended
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    Centered HUD Mod

    Bumping this, is there anything i should edit in the original files to make them work in the new patches?
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    Claim's New WIP thread

    What are the chances that we can get a Ben Swolo in the future
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    Grip Mod for Sith

    Ever had to face down those pesky aliases that ruin all your fun as a gunner. And you swap to Sith only to still lose to the same alias? It's time to pull out Grip. With this mod, now while you grip your enemies, you can show them exactly how you feel about them. Download Link...
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    Lt.Claim 's back with ported models (again) !

    Is a download link for any of these going to be available at some point?
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    Centered HUD Mod

    I tried them both out, but neither of them are working, the huds are staying where they are
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    Can a veteran make an updated saber tutorial?

    Elite Warriors You can read through that, there are a lot of outdated parts of it but the core idea of how to duel remains the same
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    Disarms for Katas?

    The problem I describe does exist without disarms, the thing i'm trying to point out is that by Adding a disarm, you'd be making it a BIGGER problem, you'd only be making it worse for the person being kata'd. since adding a disarm would only make it bigger, thats why i'm proposing a drop off so...
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    Disarms for Katas?

    The point i'm making is that once you kata and throw a person, they are KNOCKED OVER and are missing their main weapon, you just did 50 damage to them, and now both you and your entire team can pump several shots into them before they can get back up, AND they no longer have their main blaster...
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    Disarms for Katas?

    Problem is that kata's arent entirely that hard to get. if you knock over a saberist and they do any getup other than the quick getup, that can be a free grab if you time it right (and its not hard to time). Not only are you doing around 50 hp damage, you are also throwing them onto the ground...
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    Battlefront II (2017) Sound Replacements

    what's a pushfail?
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    Saber vs Gunner

    Grip 1 and 2 are still strong, but not for the reasons you'd expect. When you use grip on someone, it gives them two options. 1. stand there shooting them and get gripped, or 2. try to run out of the way. Now the big strength of grip 1-2 comes from that 2nd option, which most gunners like to...
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    The Legacy Lyceum - Map WIP

    any chance that people in NA could play this map at some point with a NA ping (will this map be played on any US servers in the future)
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    HUD changes?

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    HUD changes?

    So I really like the normal hud, its easy to understand and just looks good, however when it comes to dueling, the way it shows you ACM is kinda hard to understand with the varying levels of glow. the simplehud is great for this because it tells you exactly how much ACM you have by a meter that...
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    Make guns more fun

    WTB tauntauns in normal dotf so I can lead a majestic charge down main into the Imperial Ranks with rockets and explosions
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    [SOLVED] Game keeps crashing

    So my games been crashing while it loads a server for the last few weeks, giving me the message 176644 files in pk3 files Loading dll file ui. Failed to load dll, looking for qvm. Loading vm file vm/ui.qvm. Failed. Shutting down OpenGL subsystem VM_Create on UI failed the Only way i've gotten...
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    Hello there just out of curiosity

    theres a yavinassault map with them
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    Deplete Block Points When Shot At

    So idk if you've played enough mb2 to know about this, but jedi/sith have 2 different class exclusive bars, FP and BP. FP effects force powers and blocking blaster bolts, and BP effects saber vs saber fights only. Jedi get 100 fp, and 100 bp When a jedi/sith is shot at, it they lose FP, and...