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  1. GoodOl'Ben

    Ben's Useful Replacements: Jihadist Mandalorian

    I know for a fact @Gargos still uses this. Hit him up. I don't think I have it lying around on this PC. I'll reupload later if I find it on another machine tho.
  2. GoodOl'Ben

    So lets talk about player retention in this mod...

    I do hope that you don't hold the active team accountable as I'd wager the people behind the change are not active. It's been well over 12 years since that change was made. I attempted to do some digging to see if I could figure out motives from the commits or comments in code. I wasn't able to...
  3. GoodOl'Ben

    Character Specific Voicechat Replacement Pack

    Eventually. I heard rumours that Cultist wanted some cultist sounds. Here's a quick thing I put together, might not work. Also adjusted some audio for Kylo Ren. Not yet addressed the issue where his voices don't work on the other Kylo model. zZzZz_VoiceChatz050219.pk3
  4. GoodOl'Ben

    Dakorian Returns....

    Ayy long time no see Dakorian! Welcome back!
  5. GoodOl'Ben

    Character Specific Voicechat Replacement Pack

    zzzz_zzzzZzz_zzzVoiceChatzage.pk3 Try this!
  6. GoodOl'Ben

    Character Specific Voicechat Replacement Pack

    Fixed that in the latest version! zzz_zzzz_ZzzzVoiceChatz0r.pk3 Also added sounds for Rosh Penin and Kylo Ren unmasked.
  7. GoodOl'Ben

    Give back White Sabers

    If they are to come back, I'd love to see them be accessible to all. Lock it to Jedi and give Sith access to the black saber. The saber color selection UI would need to be tweaked somehow to accomodate this feature, but maybe that could be arranged? I see no problem with the feature being put...
  8. GoodOl'Ben

    Dueling System too Complicated

    The current system to me felt the best it's been in a long time. I've had genuine fun dueling. Hits carry impact and consequence and PB is slightly less of a mystery with the indicator as you can learn the actual PB regions rather than going off of hear-say. There's now a lot of fun in mastering...
  9. GoodOl'Ben

    My Main Jedi Academy project - Vader mod Cloud City

    Wow that's really good work judging by the screenshots alone! I'll be sure to play this. Is there a download up somewhere or?
  10. GoodOl'Ben

    I would like to bring you a new form of memes

    Diamonds! The chat bubble got me at the end :D
  11. GoodOl'Ben

    My Review of Movie Battles 2 (Video)

    Welcome back! Glad you've got the time to enjoy the mod again :D
  12. GoodOl'Ben


    Using machine learning to solve playing MB2 is totally possible. Jedi Academy is open source. This means anyone with the sufficient skillset in Tensorflow and C can begin work on an AI that plays MB2. deepmind/lab + JACoders/OpenJK = ?
  13. GoodOl'Ben

    Character Specific Voicechat Replacement Pack

    Some are not working. Report the ones that don't work and I'll eventually get around to fixing 'em up! Alternatively if you're impatient, check what's wrong yourself ;)
  14. GoodOl'Ben

    Is Moviebattles 2 dying?

    I've posted long-winded posts in so many similar threads over the past decade. I'm tempted to do so again since my passion for this game never disappears no matter how much I get distracted by other projects at times. I'll try to be brief this time: MB2 is friggin' awesome. There's a game to...
  15. GoodOl'Ben

    By all means! I'll boost it up on our FB to catch some stragglers.

    By all means! I'll boost it up on our FB to catch some stragglers.
  16. GoodOl'Ben

    Hardcore Battle! MB2 Idea's Diary (Revisited Class, Blaster, New deflection, Darts & more )

    Sorry. Another good point brought up is weapon ammo. I'd like to sit down and look into how ammo is distributed across levels on every weapon and see where things could be done differently. I would like to see all levels be valid picks and have "synergies" with other options. A rather good...
  17. GoodOl'Ben

    The Great Debate (Timelimit)

    Since I've been tagged as a proponent who then changed his mind, I'd like to go over why. People grow up and learn things as time goes on. I was 18-19 back in 2009, so I had a very different frame of mind than I do as a 28-year-old. During the past 10 years I've paid close attention to how...
  18. GoodOl'Ben

    Hardcore Battle! MB2 Idea's Diary (Revisited Class, Blaster, New deflection, Darts & more )

    There are interesting points in here. Especially a fan of the thought that a rapid fire mode should never be 100% accurate. Especially with E11, the secondary fire detracts from the primary fire. At level 3 the secondary fire is simply a better primary fire with slightly less damage per shot...
  19. GoodOl'Ben

    Is back

    Hi/siema! ^_^'