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  1. SneakDissing

    Technical Issue MB2 randomly crashes

    at random times when i play MB2 the game will just close as if i've manually closed it or typed /quit. additionally, the brightness of my game (i think) seems to transfer over to my desktop, resulting in slightly whiter colors. for example, discord goes from a dark gray to a slightly lighter...
  2. SneakDissing

    clone wars sad :(((

    me BGIG crie :9((9((( SAD! L***:((( u criey/??? ME criy... :'( my tenee yeers... omg... clon wors SAD... startd wit ahsukaa an rex... end wit ahoske and rix... sad :'(((
  3. SneakDissing

    Star Wars on Drugs - Movie Battles 2

    I made a quirky meme comp because I had like 60 saved clips
  4. SneakDissing

    Apologies for my younger brother, SpoonN

    Hello everyone. I would like to apologize for the behavior of my little brother, SpoonN. He has been bumping old threads and aiding his friend Cheese in his drama. This is absolutely unacceptable and I will be speaking to him about this. I cannot wait to play with you all!
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    cool and epic server where we worship guy.gif daily join us @ Join the guy.gif Discord Server! if ur cool enough!!!
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    IM QUITTING MB2?! (Story Time)

    Nothing really mind blowing here, just quitting after playing the game for 10+ years. It's just not fun anymore and the community's always so salty like WTF? You guys are either mad about the state of MB2 or mad at another person for having an opinion about it. Like holy shit every time I check...
  7. SneakDissing

    Battlefront II (2017) Lightsaber Sounds in MB2

    they make my peepee hard, can someone make this happen
  8. SneakDissing

    [SOLVED] Game loading with Base JA UI

    Whenever I try to play from the launcher, it has the MB2 startup loading screen, but when I actually get to the main menu, its the Base JA UI lol. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but still have the same issue.
  9. SneakDissing

    Quitting the game

    Yo high key bruv finna bounce from this game!! Yall boring AF!!!!! xDDD eskeeeit!!
  10. SneakDissing

    MBII update when??

    Legitimate question, is the mod going to be updated anytime soon? Like wtf
  11. SneakDissing

    MB2 epic mods

    Does anyone have some new, epic mods to share??? I bet you don't cuz i'm big gay haha lol
  12. SneakDissing

    Technical Issue Help

    i accidentally tk'd a tR nerd and instantly got banned for 99 rounds im posting this in support because i seek support rally the troops
  13. SneakDissing

    NEW PATCH WHEN??????

    I opened launcher and apparently there are new files to download... NEW PATCH????????
  14. SneakDissing

    New patch

    when is the next patch coming out like honestly i'm fucking bored i haven't played MB2 in 3 months please give me something anything i need purpose i require a reason to play again
  15. SneakDissing

    Vathius Hilt request

    I want to learn how to do this shit myself, but I'm far too lazy. Would someone be willing to make this file mb2 compatible? As in, like, I can play with this hilt in MB2 lol. Also, the second link, how would I add these to the actual MB2 hilt list without replacing current hilts? Vathius Hilt -...
  16. SneakDissing

    Kylo Ren voice lines are off

    I'm sure this has been said numerous times, but I'd love it if someone could make a replacement pack for his voice lines, and add a capeless/helmetless model. Specifically the outfit he's wearing in TLJ during the throne room scene. Thnx. Also it would be gr8 if someone could simply teach me how...
  17. SneakDissing

    pls unban from Mb2 official discord

    i am a nice boi with nice intentions and i wish to see the light again i am "a special man#5142"
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    I need some new games to play i am mega bored
  19. SneakDissing

    WTB peneke for 1.5

    WTB [Penekepack - Updated for 1.5] 100mil PST
  20. SneakDissing

    some faggot tking on US open

    My nickname: norman Server: US Open Time: 5/10/2018, 5:30-6:50pm MT (roughly) Description: randomly tking people without any punishment or ban...they would disconnect before the victims could give them TK points, and then reconnect doing it all over again, essentially tking as much as they want...