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    Recommendations for budget gaming mouse (on Mac)

    Hey everyone, Been looking online for a suitable gaming mouse to use with MBII. I’m using a MacBook Air and would quite like to customise button layout for ease of use on the actual Mod. Does anyone use one with their Mac or know of one within a reasonable budget? I’m normally a PS4 gamer...
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    Technical Issue T-shaped postures and unable to play with online players

    Hello everyone, So, I've followed instructions to install Movie Battles II on Mac following the instructions on previous threads. I used the JKJA Launcher and it is now running the most up to date version. I pressed SHIFT on the first time opening Multiplayer, but it now requires me to go in...
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    [SOLVED] No access to Servers (Mac User)

    Hi everybody, New to this and not hugely techy, but could really do with some help! 1. So, I've downloaded MBII and successfully opened it BUT 2. There are no Servers on there at all and I can only really 'Spectate' matches. I've looked through other posts/ forums, but nothing is solving...