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  1. Suxu^SRM

    Technical Issue Activate/Disactivated "always run"

    Thanks The line is : /bind shift cl_run ! Problem solved
  2. Suxu^SRM

    Technical Issue Activate/Disactivated "always run"

    Hi I get a new SSD so I lost my previous JKA MBII but in the past I had a bind for activate and disactivate autorun. When I pressed "Shift" my character was running and when I pressed again he was walking What is the command line for this move please ? Something like /bind shift "blabla"...
  3. Suxu^SRM

    EU DUEL Admin Request.

    Omg Aizen, 17y old, you're a kid
  4. Suxu^SRM

    2v2 Dueling Tournament - SATURDAY 23rd 18:00 GMT

    Nice event, nice initiative. But next time be more strict with people agentoo, ffs they don't have to speak in general chat !! One other thing, I don't like the principe : win and stay. Team which just played has an advantage. What about a tournament like a Cup And I want the same in 1v1 !!
  5. Suxu^SRM

    EU DUEL EU duel Admin Applications

    All this for a 14 years old boy ?? That genius
  6. Suxu^SRM

    Hi, French Noob incoming !

    Bienvenue :)
  7. Suxu^SRM

    Server Administrator Rules

    I am Suxu and I approve this message
  8. Suxu^SRM

    "How To Lightsaber 2 - Jedi Academy" 1 year

    Uploaded 1 year ago 110.181 view, seriously ?
  9. Suxu^SRM

    EU DUEL Admin application

    In-Game nickname: Suxy/Suxu MBII Experience: Start in 2009-2010 but I made a break during 6 years and now I'm back Age: 24 years old Description: I'm the stuffed rolled meat master, when I came in 2009 I did not speak english and play, now I speak and play a little bit better Reason: I want to...
  10. Suxu^SRM

    More new players

    This thread start with 260 now it's 344, thanks Disney/Steam/Stuffed rolled meat
  11. Suxu^SRM

    More new players

    Yeah, fuck DIsney and Steam :cool: BigBossBigTeef : same haha, first time I make good ratio in duel mode
  12. Suxu^SRM

    More new players

    New record Most players online were 315 on 1st of January 2016.
  13. Suxu^SRM

    More new players

    This game was still alive in the heart of the true players, eat that sxx
  14. Suxu^SRM

    More new players

    I think it's a good thing. And when I can, I don't forget to mention MBII to people who talk about Jedi Academy
  15. Suxu^SRM

    More new players

    Most players online were 260 on 28th of December 2015. What is the reason ? This shit of SW7 on cinema or Steam sales ? Or maybe both
  16. Suxu^SRM

    Official Community Events

    100% agree with this idea. FA is fun and use the potentiel of the game. Unfortunetaly like you said, people always play open. I don't know for you Supa but when I'm talking about FA I don't talk FA in SW's map but more in map like shogun or ultimate show_down
  17. Suxu^SRM

    Downtime, Cause and Consequences

    Glad to see the forums back, thx for all the dev for the work you do since many years. You provide to us a great mod Your favorite cooker, Suxu