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    Why do people often call movie battles trash in the chat?

    Because things like sabering have been tampered with a lot, a vocal minority loves the changes particularly but I'd say a large portion of the actual player base dislike the way sabering is right now. A lot of other balancing things have been tweaked too. Some things for the best, some things...
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    MovieBattles II V1.5.4 Released

    Feels like a page right out of DICE's playbook. Pls, fix sabering. Thx.
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    Does anyone have a battledroid c3p0 skin

    I feel like it used to be a selectable skin, but I could just be remembering the FA Geonosis map.
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    Why do people often call movie battles trash in the chat?

    Because a lot of us have played this game(mod) for a long time, and it hurts our wee-wees to see it perverted in random and wonderful ways. And also because you're playing on TR. Protip: Don't take anything seriously on AOD or TR. They're fun for being shitshows, but everything that happens on...
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    B17 anyone?

    I don't know whether he counts as a person. Some call him a legend, others a menace. He was good at his craft, though. Trolling that is. Way better than the current trolls of MBII
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    The Sniper Dilemma

    I'm not sure when this velocity buff took place, but in b17 the projectile travelled a lot slower than it does now.
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    The Sniper Dilemma

    Right, that's my main issue with projectile rifle now vs before. The projectile travelled slower, you could actually see it.
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    Big problem of Duelling

    Perfect block is an unfun system that belongs in a game like For Honour or Mordhau. It doesn't feel fun in Moviebattles.
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    The Sniper Dilemma

    lol. This recent surge of activity on this thread is basically one of the reasons this mod wanes and waxes. "This is OP!" -- "No it's not, get good scrub!" Not to mention the pointless name-calling and strawman attacks "You get sniped, therefore you are biased to thinking snipers are OP!"...
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    Rebirth of a old clan [SE]

    You guys are like a low quality [SS] clan. Yikes. DDoS more
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    Just an old Jedi taking a look around

    To this day it's still one of the best multiplayer starwars games around, if not the best star wars multiplayer game. Battlefront never hit that target and without a jedi knight sequel there's not much else to compare to. Force unleashed sucks compared to the way things feel in this game. I just...
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    Am I wrong? If yes, sorry

    Mando pistols are way better. P3 is way better.
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    Just an old Jedi taking a look around

    Come play and find out for yourself... ;) Lots of old people coming back, whether or not the game will be fun for you is another thing entirely.
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    Buff Rockets

    Rockets are the one thing that seem consistent in this game right now... I was getting one shotted pretty reliably by a PLX ARC on DotF.
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    Am I wrong? If yes, sorry

    Weak. As. Fuck. They're nerf guns. Literally any pistol is better. Literally any blaster is better.