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    Rebirth of a old clan [SE]

    You guys are like a low quality [SS] clan. Yikes. DDoS more
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    Just an old Jedi taking a look around

    To this day it's still one of the best multiplayer starwars games around, if not the best star wars multiplayer game. Battlefront never hit that target and without a jedi knight sequel there's not much else to compare to. Force unleashed sucks compared to the way things feel in this game. I just...
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    Am I wrong? If yes, sorry

    Mando pistols are way better. P3 is way better.
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    Just an old Jedi taking a look around

    Come play and find out for yourself... ;) Lots of old people coming back, whether or not the game will be fun for you is another thing entirely.
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    Buff Rockets

    Rockets are the one thing that seem consistent in this game right now... I was getting one shotted pretty reliably by a PLX ARC on DotF.
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    Am I wrong? If yes, sorry

    Weak. As. Fuck. They're nerf guns. Literally any pistol is better. Literally any blaster is better.
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    Am I wrong? If yes, sorry

    I also won't touch ARC anymore. There's no benefit, and I never see anyone play ARC for anything but the PLX spam or the grenade launcher. Whoopee. There's no fun to be had when your dc17's are basically nerf guns. The damage is weak. The speed seems slow. You're basically outgunned by an ET...
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    I remember there used to be bots in forcemod 3... or maybe it was JA+. Those fuckers moved at lightning speeds and slashed the shit out of you. It was not fun. Good luck figuring out the AI to do blocking, pblocking, mblocking, combos, etc.
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    A minor variable changed everything - projectile speeds

    So much yes. I had a feeling projectile speeds were way slower in b17 but I wasn't sure if it was nostalgia glasses. Glad it wasn't. It's not fun to play the game as much anymore. I'm really trying to enjoy the game(and I call it a game and not a mod because of how much work and coding has gone...
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    The Sniper Dilemma

    inb4 gitgud
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    Noel's Dueling Guide [Updated for 1.5!!!!!!!!!!!!]

    I whole heartedly support your quest against this god awful sabering system. No offense meant @ Stassin and Tempest. But it's truly awful. Please fix. Make this fight game centered sabering system a duel mode only thing.
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    Feedback relating to saber system

    Agreed. I find games that focus too hard on balance instead of what makes it "fun" tends to die off faster than if the focus is on enjoyment of playing. Of course if something is so unbalanced that people do nothing else but play that, then it's a problem
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    B17 anyone?

    Probably Xerxes and Bober, I don't think I've seen anyone else unless they go by other names
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    Jedi & Sith models, ranked

    Revan, Anakin episode 3 and Qui-Gon are god tier. Revan needs to be voiceless though tbh when doing taunts and such.
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    B17 anyone?

    Decided to pick the game back up again, trying to enjoy it but it's a challenge. How many b17 vets do we still have around here? Old General's Order folks? MA? Did Stilgar die in a forest fire after touching himself at night? Did Trenton get shot by the police for being an annoying prick? Sup.