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    Was supposed to post it last month but I decided to record it again in higher resolution. It's unedited so look at the chapters if you want to go straight to the next duel. There is no sound till 16:10. This uses my last good recordings. This and the next video are from May 2018...
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    When I was recording demos of 1.4.9 I noticed that yawing was different so I made a short comparison for myself. I die a lot.
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    Push 3 nerf

    If you make Push do nothing any gunner can just move through Deathstar bridges crouching and the only thing Sith can do to displace them is use Lightning. Crouch is powerful in tight spaces because Sith can't maneuver to get to you. With current FP drains if he manages to do that he will have...
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    Mandalorian EE3 unusable

    TL;DR: Rebs do not suck. Imps have a worse frontline which shows up when they camp objective room in smuggler because they can't push back Rebs. Because they are mostly defending a lot of Rebs die before getting to the objective on bigger maps and they are frustrated of dying before getting to...
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    force rtv

    tl;dr: No.
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    Almost 20 minutes of somewhat good duels from all demos I have. The rest of the video consists of duels from the beginning of January. From my demos, I only have left to edit 1.4.9 TIN Knight Tournament (player camera).
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    Recently I remembered I had demos of Stassin vs Achilles from 1.5, so I recorded them. Stassin is 100 ping, Achilles 60. Yavin 4 destroyed quality a bit but is still watchable enough. Freeze frames are used when going from one demo to the next because often demos are only seconds apart and this...
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    Unconfirmed Santa Kyle from MBAssets4.pk3 is broken

    Shame. Is there a chance public build at some point will get similar functionality? Also in meantime I think I found another problem. Not 100% if it's for everyone though. Two models for commander are invisible for me. In MBModels2.pk3 they are located in stormie folder and are named Flame and...
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    Unconfirmed Santa Kyle from MBAssets4.pk3 is broken

    Opening his .glm in ModView gives me this error: R_LoadMDXM: numsurfaces = = 14600, max assets is 1000 To test if somehow he would work in game I made him a Sith and pressing his icon immediately closes the game. Edit: Also how does hats_force command work? Typing into console the number 1 or 2...
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    Technical Issue Game Crashing after 1.7.1 Update

    Have you tried launching without any custom pk3. I am assuming game worked before this update. Same thing happened to me yesterday. Game was closing between gamestate and map loading. My problem was too many shaders. New update put me over the limit so I had to merge them. Also I was sometimes...
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    How to Not Suck at Dueling: From a Bad Duelist

    Doing combo chains and halfswings is based on timing. If you hit training dummy with A swing you can see saber beam not stopping at the dummy but a bit after it. At that point you can press D to do A-D combo and so on. To do halfswing you have to wait until saber starts returning to your body...
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    Custom model not showing up

    Is your mb2_icon in .png? If it is convert it to .jpg.
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    MB2 - 1.4.9 Duels Revisited

    Maybe slow MBC down to halfswing speed and make the swing uninteruptible.
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    Confirmed Custom model changing to default when pressing loadout after applying it

    If you select custom model, apply it and open loadout again your model changes to default model. To which depends on model's position in custom tab. You can also reset model to default by pressing model button and then builds or hilts. Now return to model tab and you are using default model. If...
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    MovieBattles II V1.7 Released

    List of things I don't like: - Third Clone skin on seventh row has wrong icon. Icon lacks colored lines on the side of the helmet. - Bring back old RGB Commander Cody clone. - E_2 battle Padme icon looks weird compared to other hero icons. Slave Leia icon looks meh due to angle shot was taken. -...