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    what type of mb2 player are you?

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    can you sign my lightsaber

    can you sign my lightsaber
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    Star Wars Vertex

    vertex SUCKS the devs should add PORN so it can be good
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    My Lesser Diety Brother, Edel

    dudes like this because he read an elder scroll and went insane from percieving the raw knowledge of the mb2 multiverse
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    AOD Busted, The AOD Doxxer Clan Member Revealed !

    their weiners are WHAT
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    Moviebattles II V1.7.2 Released

    no tempest patch dont care
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    MovieBattles II V1.7.1 Released

    youre stupid just like your father and bad at the game
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    How to Not Suck at Dueling: From a Bad Duelist

    in case ur not memeing halfswings do more damage but dont hit instantly
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    How to Not Suck at Dueling: From a Bad Duelist

    good guide for mid tier players stuck in a skill loop, hopefully it gets more fleshed out over time
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    Long time player first time forum user.

    peak mb2 forum: two random dudes arguing about another random dude on a dudes post about wanting to see interesting dudes
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    Why don't we have a deathmatch game mode?

    dying is part of the game. tell your friends to read some gunner guide or watch gameplay of high level open players and see what theyre doing. or just go to casual corner and hope to pop it, but good luck getting good there without being banned
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    Mando EE-3 and Arc Westar M5

    i dont think it should have full auto. at that point, it becomes a clone of the A280 or the imp variant of that (i forget the name) making it similar to the halo BR i think would work better for what its supposed to be, as well as having a sniper alt fire.
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    Mando EE-3 and Arc Westar M5

    i think a better alternative would be to just make the ee3 functionally a burst fire gun. 3 rapid shots per burst, the more you fire it the more inaccurate it becomes over time, so that it rewards precision and not just spraying and praying like the e11.
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    Mando EE-3 and Arc Westar M5

    white sabers when also id like to see bloom removed from the game entirely. i feel like it lowers the skill ceiling i agree with your post