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    Dev Diary - CTF Deathstar

    is it possible to get out of the area between the two pads in the superlaser room? will there be any lighting adjustments made to the map?
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    Harassed by AoD, Now my Discord Account is Temporarily Suspended

    just get good? im not sure what the issue is here
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    which mb2 clan has the wettest drip? which player?

    shut the fuck up pedophile
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    which mb2 clan has the wettest drip? which player?

    seeking out challengers for the upcoming mb2 dripoff contest
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    can you sign my lightsaber

    can you sign my lightsaber
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    Star Wars Vertex

    vertex SUCKS the devs should add PORN so it can be good
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    My Lesser Diety Brother, Edel

    dudes like this because he read an elder scroll and went insane from percieving the raw knowledge of the mb2 multiverse
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    AOD Busted, The AOD Doxxer Clan Member Revealed !

    their weiners are WHAT
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    Moviebattles II V1.7.2 Released

    no tempest patch dont care
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    MovieBattles II V1.7.1 Released

    youre stupid just like your father and bad at the game
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    How to Not Suck at Dueling: From a Bad Duelist

    in case ur not memeing halfswings do more damage but dont hit instantly